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National Health Partners (dba CARExpress Medical Benefits Network) Privacy Policy

National Health Partners, Inc. recognizes that our customers' privacy is important, and that our customers have the right to know how we treat the information provided to us. If members or group accounts have any questions about privacy that this policy does not answer, please contact

Information About Members/Customers That CARExpress Gathers Or Tracks And What We Do With It

We do not gather or track any health information about customers unless the customer tells us to. We ask for general contact information (customer's name, address,date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, dependents name and date of birth) when a member enrolls. We also ask members to send us periodic input on new products and services if they choose to participate in one of our feedback surveys.

Member enrolment information is uploaded to the national provider networks when necessary to allow providers to verify a member's participation in CARExpress.

If you are a provider who wishes to apply to one of our CARExpress networks, we also ask for your specialty and the hospitals where you admit patients. When you contact us with a question regarding a particular service we offer, we might pass your question on to one of our regional representatives for that service, so the representative can contact you on behalf of CARExpress.

When a member participates in one of our feedback surveys, we may keep all or part of the responses in our database for our quality improvement activities. If a member nominates a provider for participation in our network, we ask for the employer's name or the name of our client with whom the member has health coverage; however, this information is voluntary.

If a member nominates a new provider, we might provide information about your nomination to the provider if it might help the provider to participate.

No Personal Health Information Collected

Although CARExpress proveides access to networks throughout the U.S., many of which involve personal health information, CARExpress does not itself collect or store diagnostic, treatment, or any other medical information about patient transactions or claims. Because we do not conduct those services through our company, but instead contract with fully licensed PPO providers to provide professional services to our customers, the strong confidentiality protections we have in place for those services are not reflected in this Privacy Policy. We collect no personal health information through CARExpress.

We Do Not Use "Cookies" To Collect Information About You

We do not contract with any of the Internet marketing or tracking companies that use "cookies" (small text files that can be attached to a member's computer when a member is online), and we do not use cookies ourselves. If another web site that a member visits has attached a cookie to the member's computer before the member visits our site, we cannot prevent that cookie from continuing to track the member's Internet use while the member visits our site.

Sharing of Information

Except as described above, we do not share member or client information with anyone.

Opt-Out Policy

We do not gather information about a member unless a member provides it to us voluntarily. Whenever we ask for information about a member or prospective member, the individual always has the option to withhold that information.

Correction/Updating/Deletion/Deactivation Policy

Any member may view and update or request that we delete or deactivate the member's contact information in our web site database in the following ways:

1. by using the contact us connection to tell us of your requested change;
2. by reviewing and changing your information when we send a survey form or a news release

Third Party Disclaimer

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other web site you go to from this site, including those to which we have provided links for your convenience. If you are concerned about or interested in the privacy practices or policies of other web sites you visit, you may wish to review their posted privacy statements and/or contact them directly with your questions.